The perfect combination: Some big cash and holidays!

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You can keep earning little money. Or just take the first step into a new financial dimension. it is (like everything in life) your own decision.

The Elitegirls Escort City Tours in the greatest megacities of the middle and far east offer you the unique chance to earn a lot of money as an escort girl.

Just think about the following: Also you have the possibilities in the today’s time of a global economy in other countries in very short time much more income to obtain as in your homeland. Especially in europe, where there is really not much to gain as an escort lady. Except more and more service for the same money and stingy customers.

Especially Arab and Asian gentlemen are very different here! They are an undemanding, much more grateful audience that is much easier to satisfy. You also know how “man” treats a lady! Because “fun” is there by far not everywhere and so easily available. In addition, the income in cities like Doha, Kuwait, Dubai and Singapore is comparatively much higher than in Europe. What’s more, taxes are either non-existent or ridiculously low. So the gentlemen have much more money to invest, which they can enjoy. Because they don’t have to constantly think about the next rent or instalments like the family fathers in Europe. That’s what makes the difference for you, too: They will easily earn a lot more, because your customers still have a lot of money and don’t have to save all the time.

Start your own “Cash Experience” now with an Elitetour to Doha, Kuwait, Dubai or Singapore and experience it for yourself!