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Doha is definitely also a city of superlatives that surpasses itself. Due to the oil and gas discoveries, Qatar today has the second highest per capita income in the world and is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Despite this Qatar has never lost sight of its cultural heritage.

Kuwait: Extremely Wealthy Oil State

Kuwait is an emirate located on the Arabian Peninsula. The prosperity of the country is reflected in the modern skyline of the capital Kuwait City. But Kuwait also consists of uniquely decorated and magnificent mosques and palaces. Unique culture, wealth – thanks to oil and gas.

Pure Futuristic City: Dubai top of the tops.

This is insane! First round trip through the city, it’s shortly after midnight, still 30 degrees hot, but the slight rush you feel is neither due to the tiredness nor to the heat and also not to the full moon, which stands bright like a silver sun over Dubai’s buildings reaching for the sky.

Singapore – Pulsating Fascination

Many consider Singapore to be the most beautiful and safest city in the world. In recent years the centre of Singapore has been polished to a high gloss, many old buildings (including the Raffles and Fullerton Hotel) have been renovated and reopened.

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I have earned more money in a short time with my tour to Doha than I ever thought possible. I am very happy! Many thanks to the agency team of Elitegirls!

Jessy, London

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